Xổ số hóa ra là thừa Tian ShunThe NASP® Alumni Association serves as a network to reconnect all of those who have participated in NASP® in one way or another. The Alumni Association’s primary focus is to provide those of us who don’t have the time or means to assist with a school program, a way to be involved and to give back. Through the annual Alumni Competition held at the Kentucky NASP® State Tournament participants are allowed to compete individually and as teams in an effort to gain the title of champion and be awarded NASP® gear that they can donate to a school of their choice.

The Alumni Association is aware of interest from NASP® alumni in learning skills for archery related outdoor recreation. Therefore, a partnership has been established with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources to provide unique educational opportunities to members of this association. Events such as bow fishing, crossbow hunting, and 3-D target shooting are currently being discussed.

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2017 Alumni Steering Committee

In June of 2018, a steering committee of NASP® graduates was assembled to discuss the idea of a NASP® Alumni Association. After a very positive response from the steering committee, the decision was made by NASP® leadership to move forward with a pilot program to establish an alumni effort to help all NASP® alumni and friends of NASP® to reconnect in efforts to provide support in school programs.

In the first phase of the pilot program NASP® graduates were given the opportunity to participate in the first-ever NASP® Alumni Tournament held in conjunction with the Kentucky NASP® State Tournament on March 14th, 2019. Alumni teams and individual alumni members enjoyed reconnecting while competing for the chance to donate NASP® equipment to a school of their choice. The Bushwookies took first place, and are the current reigning champions.  

2019 NASP® Alumni Championship team.  The Bushwookies!