NASP® Update – December, 2016

NASP® Update – December, 2016

Xổ số hóa ra là thừa Tian ShunThe National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®) is a 501 c (3) non-profit educational foundation established to teach target archery as part of the in-school curriculum in grades 4-12. NASP® is cooperative effort between conservation agencies, private organizations, and school systems to engage more students in the educational process. Educators are rightly concerned about elevated school dropout rates. Conservation organizations worry that young people have too few opportunities to learn and practice outdoor skills. These groups believe archery can be used to stimulate improved educational performance and participation in outdoor-type activities among young people.

I. NASP® EXPANSION – 11 Countries

Xổ số hóa ra là thừa Tian Shun* NASP® is in 47 states

* Still missing; RI, VT, & DE – There is no PUSH to enroll these states

* Washington DC joined August 4, 2010

Xổ số hóa ra là thừa Tian Shun* 8 Canadian Provinces (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, NB, NS, PEI)

* Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Mongolia, UK, British Virgin Islands

Xổ số hóa ra là thừa Tian Shun* 14,442 schools enrolled – Up 8% as of June 30, 2016

* 2.4 million students – Up 9% since last school (Little League Baseball-2.4 million, Boy Scouts-2.4 million, Girl Scouts-2.8 million)

* 16+ million students to date

Xổ số hóa ra là thừa Tian Shun* 2016 NASP® National Tournament registration 12,897 students from 42 states – 47% female

II. ACADEMIC EVALUATION – January 2009 by Responsive Management & University Florida May 2012

The following percentage of NASP® teachers said students have increased ….

* 94% NASP® training is effective

* 76%-84% Motivation, Concentration, Focus, and Confidence

Xổ số hóa ra là thừa Tian Shun* 74% Behavior

Xổ số hóa ra là thừa Tian Shun* 46% Performance & Attendance

* 40% Interest in other sports

* 79% interest in target archery & 56% Interest in bowhunting

* 30% interest in other shooting sports

Students said..

* 89% like NASP®

* 85% said their teachers did a good job teaching archery

* 77% had never or very rarely shot a bow

Xổ số hóa ra là thừa Tian Shun* 76% said NASP® is exciting & archery skills are good or very good after the course

Xổ số hóa ra là thừa Tian Shun* 59% of students without an archery club said they’d like to have one

Xổ số hóa ra là thừa Tian Shun* 66% of the students had only been in NASP® one year

Xổ số hóa ra là thừa Tian Shun* 64% Continue shooting after school — 51% with their father

* 51% say self-esteem increased after archery

Xổ số hóa ra là thừa Tian Shun* 44% of NASP® talk more about archery pursuits

Xổ số hóa ra là thừa Tian Shun* 35% of NASP® graduates buy personal archery equipment

Xổ số hóa ra là thừa Tian Shun* 27% have or plan to obtain support wildlife conservation via hunting license purchase

Alumni Profile

Featured Alumni – Courtnie Carr

Featured Alumni – Courtnie Carr

When I was participating in NASP® I loved it. Some of my class mates would complain about having practice or waking up early on Saturday mornings for tournaments but I couldn’t get enough of it. In high school I participated in several activities but always made time to shoot because I loved it.

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Whitetails Unlimited

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