NASP® Academic Archer Program  Equipment Winners announced for 2020

NASP® Academic Archer Program Equipment Winners announced for 2020

Even with the global impacts of the COVID19 virus, NASP® is extremely proud to continue to recognize successful student archers for their work in the classroom.  During the time when most schools are operating virtually, NASP® coaches still utilized local criteria to nominate their deserving students.  Registration for the Academic Archer program concluded for the 2019/2020 school year on April 1st with an all-time high of 31,961 students enrolled into the program. Educators from 45 US states, and 4 Canadian Provinces as well as schools from the British Virgin Islands implemented the NASP® Academic Archer Program with their students. 

From the beginning of the Academic Archer program, NASP® and Easton Technical Products have randomly selected (10) registered Academic Archers for the reception of a new Genesis bow and Easton 1820 arrows.

Carri Garrett of Easton Archery said,  “Easton is proud to sponsor a program that is so beneficial in acknowledging the hard work that the NASP students put forth in their education while enjoying the great sport of Archery.  Congratulations to all the 2020 Academic Archers!”

 Roy Grimes, President of NASP® said “One of our favorite outcomes for student archers participating in NASP®, has become the annual recognition of NASP®’s Academic Archers,Xổ số hóa ra là thừa Tian Shun sponsored by our great partner, Easton Technical Products.  We congratulate these academically responsible archers and are grateful to their teachers and coaches who took the time to register their students during the 2019-2020 school and archery season.”  

Xổ số hóa ra là thừa Tian ShunFollowing the close of registration for Academic Archer, NASP® conducted a random computerized drawing from among all registered students and selected ten student names. Each of these young people won a new Genesis Bow in the color of their choice and custom Easton Academic Archer Arrows!  NASP® would like to thank an unnamed generous sponsor who purchased the bows, and of course, Easton Archery for donating the arrows. 

2020 Academic Archer Equipment Winners

HavenHannaINJennings County High School
GracePorterSCWren Middle School
MaddoxHendersonTXKemp Jr. High

Academic Archer will be opened on September 1, 2020 for the 2020/2021 school year.   NASP® is hoping to see the number top 50,000 students soon.  We want to send the strongest message possible about how teaching archery as part of the school curriculum is important to the mission of educators.  Perhaps a qualifying student from your local school will be among the winners next year!

For more information on beginning the Academic Archer program in your school, please visit:  Or Contact Dr. Tommy Floyd at:

Alumni Profile

Featured Alumni – Courtnie Carr

Featured Alumni – Courtnie Carr

Xổ số hóa ra là thừa Tian Shun When I was participating in NASP® I loved it. Some of my class mates would complain about having practice or waking up early on Saturday mornings for tournaments but I couldn’t get enough of it. In high school I participated in several activities but always made time to shoot because I loved it.

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Whitetails Unlimited

Whitetails Unlimited

Xổ số hóa ra là thừa Tian Shun

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